Sunday, January 1, 2006

The Fairest of the Fairs

You love to bake. Friends and family applaud the yummy creations that come out of your oven. But have you ever wondered how you compare to the best home bakers in your state?

There’s only one way to find out: enter a baking contest at your state fair. Each summer, all over the country, home bakers just like you take their cookies, pies, candies, and cakes to the state fair judges. Some come home with ribbons and prizes—even cash! And it’s surprisingly easy to join the fun.

C&H Sugar sponsors contests at state fairs from Arizona to Alaska, from Minnesota to California. We talked with some of our 2005 state-fair winners, ages 8 to 90, to learn what it takes to compete and win. For inspiration, they’ve shared their recipes, too.

Baker's Profile

Linda Carucci

Linda Carucci

If you’ve ever wondered how to bake a chocolate cake to moist, decadent perfection, Linda Carucci can help. An award—winning cooking teacher, chef and culinary consultant, Linda is passionate about sharing the wisdom gained during her more than twenty years of professional experience.

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