Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vegetables for Dessert

Beet Red Velvet Cake

No, we're not getting an early jump on April Fools' Day. And we aren't advocating raw celery sticks as a finale to a special meal! We're talking instead about discovering delicious ways to incorporate vegetables into every course of every meal: for health, for flavor, and for variety.

Of course, if you've ever baked carrot cake or zucchini bread, you already know that vegetables aren't just for salad. But have you ever considered making sweet treats from sweet potatoes, beets, or avocados? Follow us as we gather a basket of garden produce and head straight to the oven!

Baker's Profile

Claudia Ossa

Claudia Ossa

Claudia Ossa describes herself as a "real foodie." She's passionate about everything that relates to food—preparing it, sharing it, eating it. Although she has traveled abroad in search of the next great bite, it's back home in the San Francisco Bay Area where she puts her passion into practice.

After a stint in culinary school, Claudia supplemented her kitchen know-how by watching the informative and humorous Alton Brown on Food Network. She must have picked up some of Brown's familiar enthusiasm and antics, too: Her warm manner is nothing short of infectious.

In the News

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As many of our readers know, we at C&H Sugar are big supporters of Share Our Strength® and its goal of ending childhood hunger in America by 2015. We believe it's unacceptable that one in four children in our country does not have regular access to good, healthful food. Naturally, we wanted to tell you about a new opportunity to get involved in this important effort: Share Our Strength's No Kid Hungry™ Campaign.