Thursday, March 1, 2007

Around the World in Your Kitchen

Strawberry Kiwi Almond Crunch Trifle

If spring fever has left you with a lingering case of wanderlust, we have just the cure. It doesn’t involve a single security check or layover, and you’ll never experience a minute of jet lag. Best of all, at the end of your tour, you and your family will have edible souvenirs!

The travel experience we’re talking about begins and ends in your kitchen. We’ll be journeying around the world through recipes that give us authentic tastes of global cultures. The only baggage you’ll need are measuring cups, baking pans, and—of course!—C&H Pure Cane Sugar, the best in the whole wide world.

Baker's Profile

Nick Malgieri

Nick Malgieri

Imagine traveling the globe collecting recipes for decadent desserts and prized baked treats. That's the enviable avocation of our featured baker, Nick Malgieri. A professional baker for more than thirty years, Nick collected recipes from 39 countries—most of which he visited personally—and shares them in his award-winning cookbook, A Baker's Tour. His mission: to bring the world of baking to American home bakers. "Baked goods know no national boundaries," Nick says. "They are as at home right here in the United States as they are in their country of origin."

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