Thursday, January 3, 2008

We ♥ Cupcakes!

Dutch Chocolate Mini Cakes

Is there anyone who doesn’t love cupcakes? Cute and friendly, hand–size or bite–size, they’re always just–right–size for snacks, desserts, and celebrations. Everyone gets a whole “cake” of his or her own—no fighting over the corners or the center! And when you use paper liners in your cupcake tins, there’s virtually no mess.

But those are side benefits. For the baker, the real joy of cupcakes is having one or two dozen opportunities to express your creative flair with every batch. Cupcakes practically beg to be decorated—and not only with frosting, as we’ll discover. And they offer myriad display options, too. No wonder cupcakes are big news in bakeshops: Many cities now have trendy bakeries that sell nothing but cupcakes, like Boston’s Johnny Cupcakes and San Francisco’s Kara’s Cupcakes and Citizen Cupcake.

Baker's Profile

Elizabeth Falkner

Elizabeth Falkner

What’s the secret of creating sensational desserts that combine unusual flavors and look as fabulous as they taste?

“Cook with confidence,” is Elizabeth Falkner’s prompt response. “It’s important to stretch your limits to learn new things or try something familiar with a few new flavors and textures.”

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