Thursday, January 1, 2009

Baking on a Budget

The challenging economy means many of us are shopping a little less, saving a little more, and stretching every dollar. But that doesn't mean we're giving up on dessert! On the contrary, home baking is an excellent way to save money while satisfying your family's love of sweet, wholesome treats. And using real raw ingredients like C&H Sugar—in all seven varieties—is far more cost-effective than relying on packaged and processed foods.

Here are some of our favorite strategies for savvy baking that won't break your household budget.

Baker's Profile

Rosalie Seebeck

Rosalie Seebeck

Just how motivated and determined is Rosalie Seebeck? Well, take a look at her strategy for winning the C&H Sugar Cake Baking Contest at this year's Oklahoma State Fair. She entered not just one contest category, or even two or three. She entered all six categories, each with a different recipe.

Were the judges impressed? You bet! In addition to winning Best of Show, the competition's top honor, Rosalie also received first- or second-place prizes in almost every category she entered.

In the News

Online Resources for Better Baking

Like you, we love finding new or classic recipes on the Internet—starting right here at, of course, as well as on magazine websites and baking blogs. But what if you're looking not for recipes but for a specific baking tip or technique? Again, the Internet is your friend! If you know where to search, you can find dozens of free step-by-step baking instructions and even demonstration videos.
As for "where to search," we've saved you time and guesswork and collected some of the best online resources for baking know-how.