Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Holiday Traditions Old and New

Cornmeal Cranberry Cookies

Holiday bakers tend to fall into two camps: traditionalists and neo-traditionalists. Some of us look forward to bringing out our cherished family recipes year after year and wouldn’t dream of changing a thing. And some of us view the holidays as an opportunity to try new techniques and tweak the classics.

At C&H Sugar, we don’t take sides—we believe in equal opportunity for all holiday bakers! As proof, here’s a collection of holiday recipes that will satisfy everyone: those of you who stick to the classics and those who crave a little novelty.

Baker's Profile

Nick Stellino

Nick Stellino

As a child growing up in Palermo, Sicily, Nick Stellino spent hours in the kitchen perfecting his family’s best-loved recipes. That early training served as excellent preparation for Stellino’s successful career as one of the most acclaimed Italian chefs and cookbook authors of our time.

But before stardom came apprenticeship. Nick left a lucrative job as a Wall Street stockbroker in 1991 and started his restaurant career as a lowly dishwasher. He gradually learned the trade and moved up the ranks; soon he was soon cooking alongside legendary chefs in some of the best kitchens in the United States. Stellino recalls those jobs as “heaven,” but they weren’t quite enough. “I wanted to share my enthusiasm for Italian cooking with more people,” he says today.

In the News

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