Saturday, March 1, 2008

Baking for Good

Brown Sugar Brownies

Baking for friends and family is satisfying, but there’s nothing like baking for a worthy cause to bring out the pride and community spirit. School fundraisers, political block parties, church carnivals, charity events—they’re all great opportunities to show off your baking skills while supporting something you care about. It’s a sweet deal all around!

This year, C&H Sugar is proud to be a sponsor of Share Our Strength’s Great American Bake Sale, a national campaign to end childhood hunger. Look for Great American Bake Sale information and bake sale recipes on five-pound bags of C&H Sugar, and visit our special web page to learn more about how to get involved!

In the News

Helping Feed Those Who Cannot Feed Themselves

Children Journey Bake Sale
More than 12 million American children go to bed every night wondering whether they will eat in the morning. That’s nearly one out of every six children, in neighborhoods all across America.

Baker's Profile

Seth Bixby Daugherty

Seth Bixby Daugherty

What motivates a critically acclaimed chef to step out of the limelight and into the fluorescent lights of a school cafeteria? For Chef Seth Bixby Daugherty of Eden Prairie, MN, the answer is simple: the chance to help people eat real food—food that isn't overprocessed, full of artificial ingredients, and laden with unnecessary fat and salt.

“I’m not a nutrition expert,” Seth is quick to clarify, “but I do know that real food simply tastes better and provides better nutrition than processed alternatives.” C&H Pure Cane Sugar is one of the real food ingredients that’s always in Seth’s pantry.