Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Festive Side of Cookies

French Macarons a la Medrich

Family gatherings, school parties, celebrations with friends: There isn't a single occasion in autumn and winter that isn't made sweeter and more memorable by freshly baked treats. And there are no treats more delightful or varied than cookies.

Now, maybe you associate cookies with lunchboxes and everyday snacks. Nothing wrong with that! But there's a whole world of cookies—from French macarons to skewered cookie kebabs--that are fun, festive, and even glamorous enough to take pride of place at a holiday party… or to elicit admiring gasps at a cookie swap.

Baker's Profile

Krystina Castella

Krystina Castella

For cookbook author and kitchen impresario Krystina Castella, whipping up a batch of cookies—or baking cupcakes or cakes—isn't an end in itself. No, the fun really starts after the pans come out of the oven and Krystina gets to work frosting, embellishing, coloring, and constructing. The results may be whimsical or breathtakingly beautiful, but they're always as amazing to behold as they are delicious.

In the News

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