Sunday, July 1, 2007

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Sweet Sentiments from the 12 Special Memories Sweepstakes

12 Special Memories
Thanks to everyone who participated in C&H’s 12 Special Memories Sweepstakes! During its 12–month duration, more than 140,000 people entered the sweepstakes a total of 4,571,357 times. Although we could choose only 12 as sweepstakes winners, we loved reading every entry. Your enthusiasm for baking and for sharing sweet memories are abundantly evident!
We wish we could share every story we received. Here are a few that especially impressed us.
Cindy from Oregon entered the contest when she bought a Born to be Sweet C&H Baking Kit so she could bake with her grandson Rece, 6, when he comes to visit from California. “We love to bake cookies and cupcakes!” Cindy said in an email to C&H. “Thank you for making our time together even more special!”
Eleanor from Pennsylvania entered the sweepstakes online, hoping to win a year of flower deliveries for her mother. In her entry, she told of how much she appreciated her hardworking mother. “I would really love for my mom to win because I have never mentioned to her what an impact she has made on me,” Eleanor wrote. “Today I have her to thank for my values as a parent. … To win this contest would be one wonderful way to show my gratitude.”
Another sweepstakes participant, Gaye from Nebraska, raved about the C&H website, recipes, and Sweet Trivia: “I love this website! I log on every day! The games are fun. The recipes are absolutely the best. The new Molasses Cookie recipe is by far the best and easiest cookie I have ever made. I am sharing them with all my neighbors and with the nursing home in my neighborhood. Thanks again for a very enjoyable website.”
September winner Karen Hamilton from Baldwin, Michigan, entered daily until she was selected as the winner of $2,000 worth of groceries. Karen sent a thank you note to C&H saying, “If only you could know how much the money is appreciated.”
C&H is proud to have been part of bakers’ sweet memories for 100 years. As we move into our second century, we hope you’ll continue to share your special memories with us by emailing us or mailing us at C&H Sugar Company, Consumer Affairs, 830 Loring Avenue, Crockett, CA 94525.

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