Tuesday, July 1, 2008

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Jones Pure Cane Soda—Made with Sugar, Not Corn!

Not all soda is created equal, says Seth T. Godwin, marketing manager of Jones Soda Co. in Seattle. Most soft drinks are sweetened by high fructose corn syrup, but since 2007 Jones has been making its sodas with cane sugar only. Jones, whose corporate slogan is “Run with the little guy … create some change,” made the switch in response to consumer research and customer requests—and because “it tastes better and overall it’s better for the environment,” says Godwin.
“We’ve committed to making a premium soda product using high quality ingredients,” Godwin says. “We’d been considering a switch from high fructose corn syrup to pure cane sugar for some time, and we learned that soda made with cane sugar was not only supported by current consumers but there were also other people looking for another beverage option.”
Sugar isn’t the only thing that’s distinctive about Jones Soda. First of all, there are the labels, which feature quirky photos submitted by customers. In the spirit of election year, Jones is selling “Campaign Cola” bottles with pictures of the presidential contenders; you can “vote” by buying your candidate’s bottle.
Then there are the unconventional flavors. There’s D’Peach Mode, made with peach and tangelo; Your Momegranate (berry and pomegranate); Blue Bubble Gum; and Fufu Berry. For the 2007 holiday season the company produced limited editions of eggnog, sugar plum, and turkey and gravy (!) flavors. For traditionalists, there’s also classic cola and root beer. The company’s best-sellers are Green Apple and Cream Soda.
Pure cane sugar has a more satisfying taste and mouthfeel than corn syrup, Godwin says. He also notes that soda is best enjoyed as an occasional treat. “Soda is fun,” he says, “but it should be consumed in moderation. So make sure you’re really enjoying the soda you choose to drink.”
Jones Pure Cane Soda is available in 12-ounce glass bottles and 12-pack cans. To find a Jones Soda retailer near you, click here.

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