Thursday, January 1, 2009

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Online Resources for Better Baking

Like you, we love finding new or classic recipes on the Internet—starting right here at, of course, as well as on magazine websites and baking blogs. But what if you're looking not for recipes but for a specific baking tip or technique? Again, the Internet is your friend! If you know where to search, you can find dozens of free step-by-step baking instructions and even demonstration videos.
As for "where to search," we've saved you time and guesswork and collected some of the best online resources for baking know-how.

Start Right Here

C&H Sugar has more than 100 years of experience in helping home bakers master basic and advanced techniques. Check our newsletter and other web resources first to give yourself a solid baking foundation.

Step by Step at Fabulous Foods

Fabulous Foods is one of our favorite sites for clear, illustrated directions. The photos accompanying cookie baking tips and cake decorating basics provide references for each step. The site also suggests the proper utensils to make your baking project easier and more successful.

Invite The Kitchn into Your Kitchen

Tempted to try candy making but nervous about temperatures and technique? Want to know how to give your custards the smoothest texture? Broaden your baking horizons by visiting The Kitchn (yes, that's the correct spelling!), where helpful, copiously illustrated articles are updated daily. Look for the ones tagged "Tips & Techniques": You'll get professional advice on candy making and on using a bain marie (hot water bath) to make perfect custard.

Watch and Learn

Video instruction by expert bakers is the next best thing to cooking class! Search for baking videos by using a customized Google search:, then enter your search term. Two to get you started: chocolate mousse and lemon pound cake.
And if you want to know how the pros work their magic with sugar, go to Epicurious (a great recipe resource, too!) and look for the "Epi Techniques" video library. Three of the most-requested sugar-related videos: Making Simple Syrup, Sugar at the Soft Ball Stage, and Caramelizing Sugar.


Research is fun and valuable, but in the end it's no substitute for hands-on practice. Don't be afraid to take risks. And let us know how it's going. We'd love to hear how the recipes on our site are working for you and how C&H Sugar can make your baking experience the best ever.

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